Volunteering with The Farmlands Trust Society
There are many ways to contribute to The Farmlands Trust Society (FLT). In addition to donations, you can
contribute your time and talent! Volunteers play an important role in supporting the FLT achieve its mandate
and offer activities all year round. Through a diversity of talent, skills and abilities, volunteers support FLT gov-
ernance, finance, farmland preservation and management, community relations and public affairs, First Nations
outreach and fundraising. Volunteers are welcome from across Greater Victoria.
If you would like to volunteer with the FLT, please fill out our FLT Volunteer Application Form to let us know
how you can help. All volunteer applications are reviewed with consideration of current volunteer opportunities.
You can send your completed form to:
The Farmlands Trust Society
PO Box 9
Saanichton, BC V8M-2C3
For more information, please email: staff@farmlandstrust.ca
Currently, we are seeking volunteers to participate on one or more of the following FLT committees:
Governance. This committee oversees the FLT Constitution, By-laws and Strategic Plan and ensures that the
governance structure evolves based on the needs and expectations of the FLT and its strategic partners (e.g.,
FLT supporters);
Finance and Audit. This committee develops and guides financial management, auditing and risk management
policies and practices for the FLT;
Farmland Preservation and Farmland Management. This committee (a) develops and implements initia-
tives that preserve Greater Victoria farmland and surrounding corridors for future generations of farmers and (b)
develops and implements decision-support mechanisms to promote sustainable management of Greater Victoria
Community Relations and Public Affairs. This committee (a) develops and implements initiatives that pro-
mote awareness and interest in Greater Victoria agriculture and food, (b) manages FLT strategic communica-
tions in consultation with the FLT Board of Directors and (c) manages the FLT distribution/ supporter lists;
First Nations Outreach. This committee (a) develops and implements initiatives that integrate First Nations’
interests and knowledge in the management of agricultural corridor lands and promotes awareness and interest
in Greater Victoria food security and (b) works to encourage understanding of the FLT activities and encourage
participation and support;
Fundraising. This committee raises funds necessary to support FLT priority initiatives.

Note: FLT volunteers who may be in a position to supervise children and vulnerable persons will be required to undergo a criminal record check, the cost of which will be borne by the Farmlands Trust Society.